I'm Hannah, a 26-year-old Filipino-American. I had been pursuing an art degree, until I realized that I actually really dislike drawing for money! Now, I'm working towards a comp sci degree. When I'm not working on Lugaw.gay, I much prefer coding in Python.

I'm not a fan of talking about myself, so this website is mostly to display my interests and hobbies. You can already see a lot of my media interests by browsing the pages, but my other hobbies include building LEGO sets, reading sci-fi and horror.

Bisexual pride flag Flag of the Philippines Gay runescape rat text: "This website is gay". Image: Rainbow on a pink background Bisexual flag, animation of glove over it. Paintbrush with a rainbow stroke Colorful books Rainbow breaking into cubes Spinning rainbow text: HOMO 100 on rainbow gradient. Pride Page: Show Your Colors. Logo of Philippines Airline
Rotating Filipino flag Drawing of waving Filipino flag Stick figure holding a waving Filipino flag
Pinoy pride banner
Bi Pride. Text is an animated gradient of the bi colors.

Drawing on the left* commissioned from Strovi.
*Note that it's only visible on desktop.
Windows UI & Pride Flag Divider by M0OLKY.

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Shooting star - trail is the bi flag