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Assorted thoughts from 2022. 2023 diary coming SoonTM.

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Oct. 22, 2022

Faith the Unholy Trinity has me recontemplating my life... I keep thinking about what it would be like if my parents didn't deconvert from catholicism before having me... I would be a totally off-the-shits filipino catholic. Then I would become the strangest and most insane deconvert. It would just make my life more entertaining overall, I think.

Oct. 17, 2022

Finally got to watch the new Chainsaw Man and The Owl House episodes. Every week my 'Belos is the new Makima' agenda comes closer to realization. I forced my CSM friend to watch it with me and they actually enjoyed it and then I was like "good. now let's rewatch the first ep of Chainsaw Man together" and I spent the entire being like "DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?"

Sept. 16, 2022

Slept and loafed around all-day yesterday. My in-person classes start on Monday, so I'm trying to stockpile on sleep. I know that's not how it works but it's still nice to be a couch potato.

The Safeways in my area have been doing this amazing Starbucks sale on Fridays, and I'm going through withdrawals. I miss it. Drinking a Venti + pastry for only $6 was flying too close to the sun. Usually I go after my Friday chiro appointments but I was kind of stressed this morning so I just walked to the one near my house. I found a more quiet route to take! I'm a very awkward person and I'm bad at crossing the road when the street is busy. I don't see too many cars or people on this route. I was also taking this looooong walk because I planned to spend a few hours with my grandma later today so we could bake hopia but she canceled last minute (she bought the wrong kind of beans lol).

Sept. 14, 2022

Very last TMS appointment. Found out that this was also the last week that the magnet technician was working in this office. :( We were planning on giving her a gift the next time we visited. Maybe our paths will cross in the future. The staff members of the office saw us off and it was bittersweet.

I'm already slacking on this daily log! It's just that some days, nothing of interest happens

Sept. 11, 2022

Don't have much to say about today... I actually didn't see as many 9/11 jokes as I'm used to, probably b/c you know. The Queen. The MCR fans were having a blast I heard. As a young child I did not expect this event to become one of the longest running jokes for zillenials.

Sept. 10, 2022

The sky is still smoky b/c there's a wildfire in Oregon, so I didn't do much today. I went outside for a few seconds and was assaulted by soot so going on my daily walk was out of the question. We actually got an emergency evacuation notification on our phones but it was just technical difficulties - the staff was testing something out and they accidentally sent it for real.

I figured out how to get pirated games onto my hacked switch! Last night I put Shining Pearl on it. Fitgirl Repacks has the 1.1.1 version, aka the glitched out buggy version used for speedruns. I'll try to mess around with the legendary menu glitch later.

Sept. 9, 2022

Had my second-to-last TMS appointment today. I've been here everyday for the past few weeks, so I'm gonna miss everyone at the office. One of the employees brings her dog to work, and he's very enamoured with my mom. He's a cavalier-poodle-labrador rescue, and he's super cute and sweet. We were really hesitant to leave because we wanted to spend more time with him. My psychiatrist is also located there, so at the very least, we'll see them every few months.

Sept. 8, 2022

What a day, huh? On the outside I was calm but mentally I was bouncing off the walls, in a good way! Can't believe the sexyman gimmick twitter account is what killed the queen. Sans vs Reigen brought so much to the world. I've been staying offline lately b/c of irl obligations but I just know that if I was in the groupchat I'd be losing it.

Sept. 7, 2022

Been having a lot of fun witch the Switch I just hacked. My sister gave it to me back in 2020 after she bought herself the ACNH switch. I let her know that because it's unpatched, she could probably sell it for the price of a new switch, but she let me keep it anyway! I've had the materials to hack it for quite a while but I only just now acted on it. My mental health is the best it's ever been lately thanks to my TMS treatments, which I talk about that a little more over here, so I bet that's where the sudden motivation came from. I'm modding my ACNH island and woooow I really should have done this earlier.

I genuinely feel like ACNH without cheating is so boring. I cannot find it anymore but there was a really funny tumblr post about how long it takes to boot up the game, and after you deal with all of that, there still isn't anything to do. Launch the game, wait for the title screen, go through another loading screen, have Isabelle tell you there is no news, another loading screen, exit the house so Timmy and Tommy can call you and say they got all the stinky fish and bugs you left them, open the mailbox and it's just a villager sending a letter you've read before because the dialogue in this game is laughably sparse, finally being able to move about the island, then to top it all off you pick up the message bottle on the beach and it's a DIY you already know... how did we live like this.