Site Updates

Previously, I listed all changes in a matter-of-fact, no commentary summary. I've been introduced to the concept of "working in public", so now I'll be including notes and whatnot. Hopefully this can be useful to people other than me!

April, 2023

I'm trying to make my website more accessible, starting with the images. I had to go through all my pages, anyway, because I switched to Eleventy. So, I took the time to add alt text to most pictures, but I've certainly missed some.

To lessen eyestrain (becuase let's be honest, I have a big problem with gifs) I've started implementing Freezeframe.js, with some adjustments.

$(function() {
const e = new Freezeframe({
        trigger: 'click', /* disables animated on hover. */
        responsive: false, /* preserves image resolution */
    $("#play-gif").on("click", function(){e.start()});
    $("#stop-gif").on("click", function(){e.stop()});

Above constructor modified from Bechnokid.

By default, Freezeframe allows you to hover over GIFs to play them. I disabled it as a personal preference - to me, the split-second of animation when your mouse passes over an image is jarring.

Another quirk of Freezeframe is that the images will auto-scale to fit their container. Setting responsive to false gets rid of that.

Finally, I noticed that Freezeframe inherently adds vertical-align: top as inline CSS to each image. I'm getting around this by setting it to initial.

The Olden Days (before Eleventy)